2010-05-20 - 7 Gates magazine, cover

The cover of the 7 Gates magazine featuring Immolation. Read more …

2010-04-03 - Triptykon at Inferno magazine

A double page picture of Triptykon in the Inferno magazine, Finland. Read more …

2010-03-09 - Nuclear Blast catalog

Pictures for the METALFEST Germany add featured in the Nuclear Blast catalog, spring 2010. Read more …

2010-03-05 - Ibanez Catalog 2010

Pictures of Epica, Sabaton and Peter Goemaere published in the official Ibanez Catalog for 2010. Read more …

Instrument companies' internet sites

2009-10-19 19:03

Promotional pictures of various endorsed artists for the internet sites of music instrument companies:

Derek Boyer (Suffocation) for B.C. RICH
Peter Goemaere (Aborted) and Isaac Delahaye (Epica) for IBANEZ GUITARS
Rob Cavestany (Death Angel) and Martin Vriesde (Severe Turture) for JACKSON GUITARS
Franco Sesa (Celtic Frost) for PAISTE
Martin Persson (Dismember) for SALMATH GUITAR RESEARCH
Arien van Weesenbeek (Epica) for TAMA DRUMS

Check out the pictures at the tearsheets gallery.

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