2011-11-07 - Death Angel, 23rd Grade of Evil

More pictures of Death Angel and 23rd Grade of Evil added to the portraits gallery. Read more …

2011-11-07 - EMP photographer

Official photographer for EMP at the Summer Breeze Open Air for the second time in row. Read more …

2010-06-17 - Sonisphere

Official photographer for the Sonisphere festival Switzerland. Read more …

2010-05-20 - Aborted

New promotional pictures of Aborted. Read more …

Jackson: The Bloodline Dreambook

2009-02-07 17:00

"Jackson: The Bloodline Dreambook", the official international Jackson Guitars catalog 2009 - Full page photograph of Rob Cavestany (Death Angel) published.

Check out the featured page in the tearsheets gallery and the whole catalog at

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